Best of Anny Blatt

We are proud to present  a selection of the best Anny Blatt designs ever. There is no problem to knit them with today's yarns as well. 

When purchasing you get the patterns for knitting with the yarns. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This selection has been compiled by us exclusively for you. You won't find them in any avalilable Anny Blatt magazine. Therefore you can get the knitting instructions only here at the Woll-Atelier.

154/30 Aix-les-Bains
112/08 Manon
209/08 Lilly-Rose
161/08 Panama
154/06 Besancon
192/05 Taro
147/26 Baccarat
203/14 Marrietta
206/06 Abelly
127/19 Invitation
163/15 Vivante
173/03 Antiope
171/14 Albatros
212/16 Britwell
169/26 Barbara
156/03 Arpajon
161/09 Ivoire
161/11 Blanc Neige
166/6 Bilitis
123/23 Brighton
158/10 Alpes
158/05 Oise
191/27 Gaia
104/07 Irish
147/19 Edinbourg
159/26 Shaba
97/28 Vivario
120/20 Gipsy
149/20 Cambo

The most beautiful Anny Blatt designs ever - we have compiled them for your delight. You can knit them with today's yarns too. Just have a look!